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The precepts of feng shui: Chinese art of living, teaches us to better live our space for a circulation of positive waves facilitated in harmony. Attract luck, prosperity, happiness and benevolence by surrounding yourself with good natural vibes, with a selection of 7 lucky plants.


Beauty with a plaited trunk and webbed leaves, the Pachira or "money tree" is said to attract money and luck. A legendary omen says that this enchanting little tree captures and retains treasure and riches in its trunk.

Jade tree

Bringing prosperity and abundance to its owner, the Jade tree radiates positive energy in your interiors; its small clusters of smooth cactus-like leaves. According to feng shui - Chinese art of living - is a sign of luck that attracts success and wealth. The Jade tree will offer you a beautiful starry bloom at the end of winter.


Or lucky bamboo, is the lucky plant par excellence, it attracts luck, love, health, fortune and prosperity. Its use in feng shui in your Home Sknow Home improves the circulation of positive energies.

Pilea – Chinese Money Plant

Grow money; it's time to realize your dreams: according to legend, a coin buried in its foot will bring you prosperity and wealth.


Sage is known for its anti-stress properties: it preserves fears, anger and calms your anxiety. Burning dried sage is said to have purifying properties and repel negative energies. Widely used for its spiritual properties: healing and divine, it is white magic par excellence.

peace lily

The elegance and purity of the Peace Lily with beautiful white flowers and large green leaves. Confers peace and love to its owner.


Lemon tree, lime tree, warm orange tree grown in pots with a touch of fragrant elegance will bring luck and fortune, they bring sunshine and happiness. Opt for an original touch with the "main de bouddha" citron, offered as a lucky charm, its fruit is delicious in pastries.

Choose, your waves are positive.

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