Accept advice and criticism

Dear Dinh Hy Trinh,
Why did I have a hard time accepting other people's advice and criticism?

Doctor Dinh Hy Trinh: Dear Cedric,
This psychological quality (which is rather a defect!) is what is called “susceptibility”. Everyone is more or less sensitive when receiving criticism or advice from someone else, because this touches on the relationship between variety et other. But when this relationship between variety et other becomes predominant, the susceptibility is exacerbated, with the appearance of negative emotions resulting in repulsion, even aggressiveness: we then resent criticism and advice from others, and this regardless of the relevance of these criticisms and advice.

So how? Try to focus on the contents of this criticism and advice, as objectively as possible, regardless of their origin, setting aside variety and l'for another person. It's a bit like in mindfulness meditation: by focusing your attention on a positive task (examining criticism, advice), you no longer let your mind wander in concern for yourself and others. Good luck with this workout!

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