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It is unfortunately clear that we are on the brink of catastrophe: politically, economically, culturally, socially, morally and intellectually. Health, prosperity, stability, security, human freedom and even basic sanity are all under threat. The proverbial Four Horsemen of plague, war, famine and sudden death roam the globe. To meet such an extreme challenge, analysis, diagnosis and understanding of causality constitute the first necessary step to escape the dangerous parade, this treacherous passage.

The first obvious fact is that human beings are responsible for at least 90 percent of the situation. It is the result of human history, culture, human creations, actions, feelings, thoughts, concepts and conflicts – especially wrong thoughts, wrong concepts and wrong actions. So, specifically, it's the human mind this has led us to this impasse. As Oliver Hardy kept telling the unfortunate Stan Laurel: “Here’s another big mess you’ve got us into!” »

The second thing that is painfully clear is the failure of remedies. The institutions, laws, rules and structures of society have failed. Philosophy, religion and especially modern psychology have failed, and failed seriously. All this happened on their watch. Unfortunately, the big game then becomes to point the finger at which institution, worldview, religion, culture, group of people, beliefs or race is at fault, thus generating ever more bitter conflict. If we limit our discussion to North America and Europe, we can state more clearly that, yes, widespread notions and institutions of psychology and religion (including the current religion of Science) have failed, since their ideas permeate the whole of society. even to the less educated or sophisticated.

Indeed, since there is nothing more dangerous than a false idea, we could say that the effects of modern psychological, intellectual and scientific thinking have done far more harm than good. It is this set of concepts and cognitive biases, rooted in the ivory towers of higher education, that have motivated those who control and govern the cogs of civilization today. So what are the alternatives to the madness that permeates the minds and actions of much of humanity?

Another way out

Having spent nearly half a century in the dual pursuit of the art of homeopathy and the practice of Tibetan or Vajrayana Buddhism, there are some striking parallels worth mentioning. Take, for example, the case of a young child with severe behavioral problems, with some sort of neurological component. This poor young person could be suffering from OCD, hyperactivity, tics, an anger disorder, severe anxiety or even childhood depression. Counseling at this age is a very flawed strategy, and medications are just a band-aid at best, with side effects that add to the misery. Yet a simple homeopathic remedy created from a single plant or mineral – comprised only of an energetic signature and set of information – can have dramatic healing effects. Although this is known to tens of millions of doctors and patients around the world (including France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom and the United States), it has been particularly well documented in a number of of popular works. (Ullman 1996, 2014)

Vajrayana methodologies of visualization and mantra recitation also work with energetic information patterns. (Hershoff 2018) In particular, working directly or indirectly with the formative forces of life – the five elements – can bring about changes on material, biological and mental levels. Over the centuries, as is the case today, devout Buddhists in Bhutan, Nepal and elsewhere will rely on a lama and his ritual skills, in cases of physical or psychological illness, before seeking modern or even traditional medical care. Note that this fact does not constitute a call to renounce any technological, medical, psychotherapeutic or any other method that could help without harming. However, failing to take into account the underlying elemental imbalances is a significant omission and could constitute a new approach in a world where we see a massive failure of remedies and a sharp increase in threats to life and limb. . Next, let's look at what we face when the five information-energy models that underpin our material world are in disarray.

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The dark side of the Earth

Earth is the source of stability, structure, hierarchy, order and form itself. Mentally, it is about benevolent governance, personal domination and everything in its natural place. Substance over style. The dark side of the Earth appears as the crushing weight of excess authority, oppression, restriction and confinement. The effect of this lust for power on others means the destruction of their stability and security, generating fear and a feeling of helplessness. The old order is broken (this happens in cycles anyway) but the new order is neither just nor equitable, but a world of control, of suppression – a land of haves and have-nots.

The dark side of water

The Water element is the flow, nourishment and bounty of the natural world, from life-giving raindrops to the devoted kindness of a mother's love. Psychologically, there is mutual respect, connection, and a unifying sense of appreciation and care – not sameness or conformity, but both compassion and acceptance. The dark side of Water is the antithesis: narcissism and self-esteem, manipulation of others, envy and jealousy. It is the swamp of crime, big and small, the loss of moral sense, of true human values. Coldness and cruelty follow in its wake and all that remains is inflated self-esteem.

The Dark Side of Fire

Fire is the engine and purpose of life, from the amoeba to the great oak. It carries the spark of warmth and vital energy that animates the many life forms that inhabit our world. Mentally, it is strength, drive, focus, overcoming all obstacles and the will to establish justice, truth and the protection of that which is noble, worthy and in need. The dark side of Fire is the classic bully, the tyrant, the ruthless ambition of the sociopath or psychopath. The belief in “my way at all costs” results in conquests that leave a trail of fiery destruction behind them.

The Dark Side of Air

Air is the principle of motility across the universes. Everything that moves, breathes, acts, vibrates, does so under the influence of this model of meaning, force, information and energy. Mentally, it is expression, manifestation, communication and creativity, invention and ingenuity. The dark side of Air is above all deception, lies and creation in the service of selfishness. It is the black magic of millions of toxic chemicals and deadly drugs. And it is this which constitutes the driving force of the megalithic advertising industry and its fallout on the political mind control which is at the heart of the actors of global power. When you see the endless production of useless and superfluous plastic products, and then you look at an entire continent of plastic waste in the middle of the oceans, you see that the air has gotten worse.

The dark side of space

At the center of the mandala of the elements, Space is the harmonizer, the source of towards Medicatrix Naturae– biological wisdom or the healing power of nature. In the same way, it is the psychological interface that can harmonize the opposites and conflicts inherent in one's own nature and in relationships with others. Here even the famous “battle of the sexes”, of yin and yang, the soul et animus, can find reconciliation. But the dark side of Space is the charlatans, the pretenders, those who lead others astray by seeking status, power, and moral high ground, whether intentionally or unconsciously. Today, false prophets abound in everything from entertainment to finance to self-help to politics to spirituality to all manner of alleged expertise in a never-ending stream. This epidemic of fakery is creating massive confusion among those seeking to grasp the threads of truth, the needle of reality in the haystack of misdirection.

Conquering the riders

All of the above does not happen without reason, nor instantly. There are specific sets of influences, long stories, long sad tales, dislocation, arrested development, and downfalls. The situation we find ourselves in can seem overwhelming, even hopeless, despite the number of intelligent, far-sighted, and even eloquent individuals who shine amid the chaos and rising totalitarianism. However, the power and promise of working directly with the energetic matrix of these Gordian Knots means that we must not rely solely on the same old futile efforts for change. Each element can be worked directly to bring it out of the dark side, to purify, reinfuse, invigorate, refresh, rebalance. Whether done by many individuals or through group practice, and whether done with simple meditations or as part of complex rituals, the impact can add up.

With experience spanning millennia, there exists the possibility of changing the entire matrix of elemental distortion that now envelops individuals and entire nations, impacting the physical environment and even the trajectory of political events. All of this depends on enough people understanding the potential of this approach and doing the basic work that can make a real difference. It would be like creating a beautiful garden or park that everyone could enjoy, even those who are not involved in its creation – and also those who are an integral part of the problem itself. And the least we can do is clean up our corner of the universe, ourselves, those who touch our lives, the places we live or pass through. If the encroaching dark side seems to be an unrelenting epidemic, the luminous benevolence of the five pure elements is also contagious. Ultimately, however, it is very much a personal, individual struggle; in this highly connected world, we will all succeed together or fail together in overcoming these Five horsemen, and in the process, transform them into the Five Wisdoms.

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Francois Leclercq

François Leclercq is the founder of Buddhist News, a website which aims to disseminate information and practical advice on Buddhism and spirituality. François Leclercq was born and raised in Paris. He studied Buddhism at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, where he graduated in social sciences and psychology. After graduating, he devoted himself to his passion for Buddhism and traveled the world to study and learn about different practices. He notably visited Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Japan and China.

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