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I don't know if you're like me, but when I want to meditate or simply reconnect with myself, the noise bothers me and pushes me to experience conflicting emotions and to distance myself from myself. Becoming aware of this allowed me to decide to make him a super master and to listen to what he teaches me about myself.

Among the most fragile species and the most sensitive to the vicissitudes of their natural environment are the great white shark, the giant panda and us… humans. Because if, unlike the first two, we are not on the verge of extinction, our environment greatly conditions our longevity and our inner well-being. Take the example of noise. According to the WHO, a highly exposed person would lose an average of eighteen months of life expectancy! And, in France, three out of four people live in cities. But cities are noisy: buses, two-wheelers, garbage trucks, horns, sirens, jackhammers... The din is never far away, at any time of the day or night.

Should we fight? Wear earplugs? Absolutely looking for a quiet place to sit in lotus or other according to your possibilities? Or, on the contrary, choose another path, that of embracing the noise, of accepting what we cannot change?


Where you are, sit down. Start inhaling and exhaling paying attention to all the noises around you. Put a name to each of them, appreciate them in a neutral way, without passing judgment on them, as if you were meeting a new friend.

Then, relate to the human beings associated with these noises, who are working, living, doing their best at this moment. Empathize with them. And note: the noises that would have annoyed you before this practice connect you to all these people and form powerful, joyful invisible links between you and them, which show you a new aspect of reality, another way of being in the world.

Notice that noise has become a major part of your meditation practice. Also, feel gratitude for what he teaches you.

When you have savored this moment, wish well, feel compassion and benevolence for the beings present and for all this life which abounds around you.

Then focus on the back and forth of your breath and notice that concentration is possible other than in silence. And that noise has become a major part of your meditation practice. Also, feel gratitude for what he teaches you.

At that time, the noise becomes for you a miraculous manifestation of the spirit. He is no longer your enemy. You no longer feel conflict with the outside world. You are at peace and this peace will affect your day, your relationships with others and your health.

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Henry Oudin

Henry Oudin is a Buddhist scholar, spiritual adventurer and journalist. He is a passionate seeker of the depths of Buddhist wisdom, and travels regularly to learn more about Buddhism and spiritual cultures. By sharing his knowledge and life experiences on Buddhist News, Henry hopes to inspire others to embrace more spiritual and mindful ways of living.

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