2 days for Tibet: film and concert on February 4 and 6 in Bordeaux

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Two days to support the transmission of Tibetan culture: – Tuesday, February 4 film Crossing Zanskar followed by a debate/meeting – Thursday 6 February humanitarian concert “Mantras from Tibet” by Drukmo Gyal

Tuesday, February 4: Screening Crossing Zanskar

A film by Frederick Marx, with The Damai Lama, Richard Gere, Lobsang Dhamchoe; ranked best spiritual documentary in 2011.

To help save their people and their culture, at the risk of their lives, two Tibetan monks cross with 17 poor children aged 4 to 12 the passes of the Himalayas to Tibetan schools in India.

Crossing Zanskar tells the heroic and remarkable story of these monks leading the children on foot and on horseback, on a painful and dangerous journey of fifteen days to the Tibetan schools of northern India, in particular to the monastery-school complex of Dagpo Dratsang located in Kais where they will be welcomed by the Venerable Lochen Rinpoche.

The story is punctuated by scenes of farewells, dreams and disillusions guided by the purity of the purpose of this trip: to bring these children to a better world. This requires going through mountain passes over 5 meters above sea level, totally impassable for more than 140 months a year. 8 years ago, when they themselves were children, these monks took the same path.

This is why the Dalai Lama asked them to do everything possible to ensure that the roots of Zanskari Buddhist culture are maintained through education.
These 17 children will not be able to return home for 10 or 15 years, or even more.

Useful information :

Tuesday February 4 at 19:15 p.m.
Kadam Tcheuling
30-36 Rue La Mothe
33800 Bordeaux

Thursday, February 6: Concert "Mantras of Tibet" by Drukmo Gyal

The Tibetan singer will share her heritage of traditional mantras, poems and praises, through a concert aimed at safeguarding Tibetan culture.

Born in eastern Tibet in Amdo, Drukmo Gyal grew up in a family of yogis where mantras, chants and meditations have been passed down for several generations. In 2008, she began to perform in public. In 2010, she was among the top 40 contestants in the Chinese National Singing Competition. In 2015, she recorded her first album Purification Voice Of Tibet. Since then, in Europe, Russia, Malaysia, China, USA, Japan and Singapore, she travels the world to safeguard and share the riches of her culture threatened with extinction.

Nicknamed “The Healing Voice”, Drukmo Gyal has lived in Europe for 5 years, where she works with Sorig Khang International, one of the largest organizations and academies of traditional Tibetan medicine. His songs will be accompanied on guitars and tablas by Marc Ingrad and on flute by Frédéric Machemehl. This unique concert will promote the musical encounter of Western and Far Eastern cultures by adapting, on old melodies, current original arrangements.

This concert is free, participation is free. The sums collected will be donated to India at the school of Kaïs and will also be used to enrich the fund of the local library of our associations Tibetan Buddhist Institute Kadamtcheuling Bordeaux and MTDD (Maintenance of the tradition of Dagpo Dratsang in Bordeaux) where you can consult them.

This concert is organized by IBT Kadam Tcheuling and MTDD in partnership with the City of Bordeaux.

Useful information :

Son Tay Hall,
47 rue de Son Tay, 33800 Bordeaux.
February 6 at 19:30 p.m., free entry.

Reservations: https://bit.ly/35jWkPr

Contact : www.facebook.com/ktlbordeaux / 07 54 83 63 04

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