Conditional co-production

Dear Doctor Trinh,
Attracted by the Buddhist philosophy of life, I read your very interesting articles on the concept of conditioned co-production. I think I have understood the basic principle, which applies to everyday life, but I have a question: is there an example where this famous conditioned co-production does not apply in everyday life? ?

Doctor Dinh Hy Trinh: Dear Sir,
Conditional co-production is really a central notion of Buddhism.

Honestly, I don't see any example in everyday life where this principle wouldn't apply. Whether in nature or in one's mind, one cannot find anything that is completely independent, unrelated to anything else, separate from the world. All phenomena can only exist in interdependence, interconnection, interaction, linked to each other by links of conditionality (“paccaya” in Pali) as diverse as “presence, absence, appearance, disappearance, co-birth, predominance, contiguity, immediacy, mutuality, foundation, induction, repetition, association…”

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