In the arms of the forest

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Or how to get in tune with nature.

Since my earliest childhood, I have entered the forest with a delight close to ecstasy, immediately soothed by the bewitching charm of birdsong and the breath of the wind. And you ? Have you ever truly experienced nature ? Silent, with an open heart, to the point of feeling your being dissolve into the forest. Have you ever listened to the song of a chickadee, a thrush or a blackbird with the same attention that you would give to the greatest of musicians?

“No one can understand plants if he disregards everything that swirls, lives and intertwines around them. »Rudolph Steiner

The virtues of the sounds of nature on plants and on living beings have long been demonstrated, particularly in Chinese medicine. Rudolph Steiner, the famous anthroposophist (1861-1925), said this: “No one can understand plants if he disregards all that swirls, lives and intertwines around them”. The vibrations of the songs, by making the life energy of the plantations quiver, make it possible to proliferate the micro-organisms of the basement and the earthworms. They have an action on the germination of seeds and the growth of plants. Sound would be as necessary as photosynthesis!

The art of forest bathing

And U.S ? Human beings. From our conception, we are immersed in a universe of sounds and vibrations. Numerous studies have shown that our heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate synchronize with the rhythm of what we listen to. Source of relaxation, vitality, tone, balance, the songs of birds, like soft music, connects the different levels of each: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, and harmonize them. The Japanese have made an art of it: forest bathing or “Shinrin Yoku”.


Sit in the forest. Begin inhaling and exhaling paying attention to the different chants available to you. Imagine the spatial distribution of sounds: this natural stereo puts you spontaneously at the center of the exercise. Get carried away. You are in the arms of the forest.

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Henry Oudin

Henry Oudin is a Buddhist scholar, spiritual adventurer and journalist. He is a passionate seeker of the depths of Buddhist wisdom, and travels regularly to learn more about Buddhism and spiritual cultures. By sharing his knowledge and life experiences on Buddhist News, Henry hopes to inspire others to embrace more spiritual and mindful ways of living.

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