Disrupting factors

Dear Rinpoche,
There are disruptive factors that come to mind, sometimes I identify with them and feel guilty for having them. Would the solution be to understand that they are just passing through and not identifying with them? And where do they come from: footprints, afflictions? Does my ego identify with these factors? When I wake up, I have no thoughts or disturbing factors, it's only when I blend into society that they activate. What to do ?

Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche:

The first root of all disturbing factors is ignorance, which we also call mental darkness. As long as our mind is clouded with mental darkness, factors such as attachment and irritation can arise in it.

So, to shield oneself from disturbing factors, it is necessary and sufficient to dispel the mental darkness. To achieve this, we must first observe how ignorance works, and in particular how it makes us see things through its distorted prism. From there, we will be able to make sense of things and henceforth adopt a mode of truthful perception, at the antipodes of ignorance.

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