Make a revolution The Dalai Lama, with Sofia Stril-Rever

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From the first pages, the Dalai Lama sets the tone: “We are the same age, the age of new beginnings”. It is therefore not only addressed to young people in this small text, great for the cry it launches to humanity, but to all those who see each minute as an opportunity to grow, to love and to serve. It is for those who want to stay alive. To this generation that is rising and suffocating on the planet, he orders them to make a revolution: that of compassion. For him, everything starts with love. He argues that if our whole life is turned towards the good of others, we become a fierce defender of life. He encourages us to practice emotional hygiene, because everything we are has a real impact on the world: "Even in your finest structures, you are in resonance with the solar system, the Milky Way and the cosmos, beyond even beyond anything you could imagine. Before your birth, during your life and after the death of your physical body, your cells vibrate with the universe whose limits are unknown. Your thoughts, your feelings extend beyond the conceivable to infinity”.

This manifesto-like text therefore warns us that if we do not change our behavior, degradation on a global scale will exceed all that we have known. This cry of alarm nevertheless opens a door and offers a way out: courageously draw on true strength, that which is born of love and compassion.

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