Strikes and not very spiritual retirement

Dr. Trinh,
As a practitioner from the Ile-de-France, I admit that I do not know how to react to the current strikes linked to the pension reform. If I can understand the disappointment of certain professions, even the fed up of certain demonstrators, it seems to me that all this anger is in vain. Especially since the stop of public transport rots the life of the people much more than of the elites. What do you think and what could be the response of Buddhism to these strikes?

Doctor Dinh Hy Trinh: Dear Madam,

It is obvious that Buddhism is not intended to help solve politico-social problems, which are the responsibility of other responsibilities and competences. On the other hand, it could help everyone to better manage the psychological disturbances caused by these social tensions.

How not to grumble about the inconveniences linked to the strike, not to be offended by the outbursts and violent reactions in the demonstrations? By simply trying to put oneself in the place of people, demonstrators, users and police, to understand their situation, their motivation, their suffering. Because in reality, each on his side is a victim and suffers. As in all conflicts, in the end there are no winners, only losers. Send them in thought your benevolence, your compassion. It is a kind of meditation on loving-kindness, which, if it cannot objectively change things, will at least bring you peace and serenity.

As the Buddha said, “Hate never puts an end to hatred here below. Only love puts an end to hate, such is the eternal law. » (Dhammapada.

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