Dear Venerable,
From Catholic tradition, I am homosexual and regret the position of monotheistic religions on this subject. Suddenly, I distanced myself from the Church, but do not wish to live without spirituality. I discovered Buddhism recently. If this spirituality does not condemn this sexual inclination, the Dalai Lama recalled a few years ago that "according to the fundamental texts of Buddhism, there are ten harmful acts to be avoided, including sexual misconduct". Stating that homosexuality was part of it, before explaining that if there was non-violent satisfaction, there was therefore no problem. It's a bit confusing… What is Buddhism's position on homosexuality?

Venerable Nyanadharo: Buddhism does not lay down any rules or exclusions concerning the issues of this world, whether it is armed conflict, politics, homosexuality, veganism or the movement of yellow vests. In his teaching, the Buddha only recommends to each one to place oneself continually at the level of the meditator who watches in oneself and who must observe any interior or exterior phenomenon without judgment, without desire to prolong the one which is pleasant nor to interrupt that which is pleasant. which is unpleasant. This vigilant observation in meditation remains within everyone's reach.

Nature has endowed each of us with a part of masculine energy and a part of feminine energy in balance, but everyone is free to direct their sexuality by favoring one energy or another.

One of the fundamental notions of Buddhism resides in impermanence. Absolutely nothing is permanent and definitive, not more the body than the spirit, than the hormonal plan or its sexual orientation. You have to accept your natural tendency of the moment as the possibility of changing it without suffering the shackles of beliefs and the environment.

The Buddha taught the Middle Way. It is up to everyone to find this path, their own path made of balance and fullness which brings them happiness and wisdom.

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