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The Karmapa, literally "the one who accomplishes the activity of the Buddhas", is an important Tibetan religious personality like the Dalai Lama. Orgyen Trinley Dorje, recognized as the 17th Karmapa, fled Tibet at the age of fourteen in order to freely pursue his spiritual education. From his monastery near Dharamsala, he tries to spread the essential message of Buddhism throughout the world: compassion. Thirty-four years old, he feels close to the younger generations and is sounding the alarm for the planet in the years to come. His latest work, interconnected, is the result of meetings he led with young students from the Californian University of Redlands. It is therefore eminently current and at the heart of our issues.

The Karmapa reveals himself through his pages in order to get closer to us and thus show that we are interdependent, connected to the same source, embarked together in a weakened boat that we can consolidate by the power of our being: "Strengthen the power of our aspirations by aiming for the impossible is very useful for accomplishing the possible. It makes our minds larger and our convictions stronger than the obstacles we encounter in pursuing the aspirations we can bring to fruition. Our lofty aspirations make our minds so broad that we are not easily discouraged.” Separated from his family at a very young age, exiled as a teenager, he knows how much courage it takes to devote himself to his mission. He urges us to act for the good of others, each at our own level, while maintaining that an individual act can have a tiny effect on the outside world, but considerable on our field of consciousness. The Karmapa never ceases to proclaim that the transformation of our world in danger must begin with us.

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Henry Oudin is a Buddhist scholar, spiritual adventurer and journalist. He is a passionate seeker of the depths of Buddhist wisdom, and travels regularly to learn more about Buddhism and spiritual cultures. By sharing his knowledge and life experiences on Buddhist News, Henry hopes to inspire others to embrace more spiritual and mindful ways of living.

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