The second edition of the Buddhist Film Festival of Catalonia, Spain, will be held in October 2024

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The second edition of the Catalan Buddhist Film Festival (Catalonia Buddhist Film FestivalFCBC) was officially announced by the Catalan Coordinator of Buddhist Entities (Catalan Coordinator of Budist EntitiesCCEB) and the Dharma-Gaia Foundation (Dharma-Gaia Foundation, FDG). The festival, which successfully kicked off in 2022, will once again be held at the Verdi Cinema in Barcelona, ​​Spain, offering an enriching cinematic experience from October 23 to 27, 2024.

The FCBC, a collaboration between the CCEB and the FDG, brings together a selection of recent or unpublished Buddhist films and documentaries, thus continuing its mission of introducing the Catalan public to the fundamental values ​​and principles of Buddhism. These values ​​include non-violence, compassion, interconnectedness and environmental protection.

The 2022 film festival. From left to right: Mònica Pagès, Fina Íñiguez, Nuria Fellonar, director Doris Dörrie and Montse Castellà. Photo by Ferran Vergés

A notable feature of this year's event is the all-female management team. Montse Castellà, representing CCEB, and Fina Íñiguez, representing FDG, will co-lead the 2024 festival, building on the success of the inaugural festival. Their approach for this edition remains unchanged in terms of format, with a non-competitive five-day festival showcasing eight recently produced films. The festival will also feature double features and post-screening discussions with experts in the field.

Although next year's festival retains some aspects of previous successful film festivals, it also brings new perspectives on the Buddhist philosophy of life, aiming to further spread the seeds of wisdom to a wider domestic and international audience. wide.

In a translated interview provided to BDG, Fina Íñiguez, one of the co-directors, expressed her expectations for this year's festival, saying: "We aspire not only to repeat the success of the first edition but also to increase. Our goal is to share the wisdom of Buddhism with an even wider audience and provide a platform for meaningful discussions. (Buddhist gate in Spanish)

When asked about the role of Buddhism in today's world, Íñiguez said: "Non-violence, meditation to achieve peace of mind and respect for all beings and the environment are probably some some of the values ​​and practices most linked to Buddhism in general. But impermanence is perhaps one of the most important concepts that Buddhism has brought to the understanding of reality, along with the idea that nothing exists independently. (Buddhist gate in Spanish)

The festival's film selection focuses on films that authentically convey the spiritual values ​​of Buddhism, transcending monastic contexts. The diversity of different Buddhist traditions and gender parity in the films are among the key criteria in the selection process.

Montse Castellà, Vice President of CCEB and President of Sakyadhita Spain, described the message they hope to convey: “Our goal is to provide well-told stories that inspire Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. The films are carefully chosen to convey a Buddhist-inspired message to a broad audience, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist. (Buddhist gate in Spanish)

The Catalan Buddhist Film Festival remains accessible to a diverse audience, including the general public, university students, families and individuals of all ages who can find inspiration in the Buddhist philosophy of life.

The festival's tradition of showcasing prominent directors in the field of international Buddhist cinema will continue. The 2022 edition saw renowned filmmaker Doris Dörrie present her award-winning film Memories of Fukushima (Grüße aus Fukushima) as guest of honor.

The event will also include a range of non-festival and parallel activities offered by the 32 Buddhist centers comprising the CCEB, representing different Buddhist traditions. These activities include meditation sessions, workshops, film forums and lectures, with the aim of enriching the overall festival experience.

In the context of global challenges such as wars, climate crises, and spiritual unrest, the teachings of Buddhism continue to offer valuable insights and tools to individuals and society as a whole. The second edition of the Catalan Buddhist Film Festival aspires to contribute to the dissemination of these teachings and to promote a more compassionate and interconnected world.

As the festival approaches, it seeks to bring people together, foster a deeper understanding of Buddhist philosophy, and inspire positive change, both on an individual and collective level.

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