The seed of compassion. Life Lessons and Teachings for Children: His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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The Seed of Compassion is a beautiful transmission book from a spiritual master to children. It is also the first time that he has addressed them so directly.

The cover shows a drawing of the Dalai Lama offering a little boy a pile of soil from which emerges a very young plant growing. His Holiness the Dalai Lama therefore clearly aspires to plant in the hearts of children a seed that will germinate throughout their lives, that of compassion. He tells in these pages that this seed was planted in him not in his years of instruction at the monastery or even because he is a spiritual leader, but because his mother sowed it in him from his early childhood. This maternal teaching seems to remain the essence of his life which he in turn seeks to offer to the children. It is addressed in clear language to the little ones, putting himself on their level, showing them how to embody this love in the playground and in the family. “With self-confidence, he writes, compassion grows and with compassion we become stronger”. These important messages are accompanied by very nice drawings that illuminate the story.

The children finish this book with the desire too to have a good heart and to think first of love by asking themselves the right questions. When someone disagrees, ask yourself why they think so before judging. When a friend is angry or hurt, ask yourself: what can I do to help him? His Holiness the Dalai Lama thus empowers parents and children who, through his story and his advice, can weave a better world through their way of being.

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Sophie Solere

Sophie Solère is an economic and social journalist who has been interested for years in the environment and interdependence. She works for Buddhist News, a media platform dedicated to Buddhist spirituality and wisdom. By practicing yoga and meditative dance, Sophie discovered the power of spiritual journeys, which offer so many paths to (re)find yourself. She is dedicated to sharing inspiring stories and valuable advice on spiritual practice and the environment with Buddhist News readers.

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