The mule and the boar Thierry Falise – Drawings Léa Hybre

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During the summer of 2018, the whole world hung on to the news of twelve children and their coach who got stuck in Thuam Lang cave, Thailand. After their football training, they decide to go to this cave, a storm breaks out and quickly floods the cave. The children will be trapped for nine days without water or food. They will be saved by the meditation practiced assiduously by their coach, raised in a Buddhist monastery.

The mule and the boar Retraces marvelously in the form of comic strip the extraordinary adventure of these children recluse in the cave whereas the whole world seeks to save them. Young and old follow this adventure, panting and amazed to discover the power of meditation in the most painful circumstances. This teaching of life is transcribed here with a lightness and gravity that echo the childhood of the depths.

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Henry Oudin

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