The universal value of meditation

- through Fabrice Groult

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Or how to train the mind to transform it.

Meditation is fundamentally a training of the mind which aims to develop qualities such as selfless love and care, as well as a right understanding of reality. For 2500 years, Buddhism has used meditation to eliminate ignorance and mental toxins, i.e. destructive emotions, which are the root causes of suffering.

Following the path of Buddhism makes full use of all the knowledge and experience acquired by beings who, like the Buddha, have awakened from the sleep of ignorance. However, the knowledge resulting from the contemplative science that Buddhism precisely constitutes is valid for all beings without exception: we all have a spirit, we are all the plaything of various emotions and we all go through multiple sufferings.

Training transforms the mind, masters destructive emotions and dispels suffering. Indeed, the many and profound methods that Buddhism has developed over the centuries can be used by all beings provided they demonstrate enthusiasm and perseverance.

Meditation therefore has a universal value: it would be a shame to neglect the transformative power of our mind.

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Fabrice Groult

Fabrice Groult is an adventurer, photographer and Buddhist who has traveled the world since a young age. After studying Buddhism in India, he embarked on an eighteen-month journey through Asia that took him to the Himalayas, where he discovered his passion for photography. Since then, he has traveled the world capturing images of Buddhist beauty and wisdom. He was a guide for ten years, and is now a journalist with Buddhist News.

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