Awakening and letting go

What is letting go?
How would you define Awakening?

Venerable Nyanadharo: All conscious perception results from the ability of the mind to recognize, identify, a form, sound, sensation, perception, flavor, etc., perceived by the senses. In “everyday” life, our mental agitation most often prevents us from differentiating the spirit from the forms with which we identify through our five senses and the mind.

One of the virtues of meditation lies in its ability to learn to "take off" the mind from the perceived form, to step back from a perception or sensation, for example, in order to dissolve gradually and from moment to moment, the erroneous perceptions which are at the source of the illusion of the ego. The "letting go" begins there. Awakening is at the end of this path.

Many, many books have been written to try to answer these two questions, but you will only obtain the certainty that will remove your last doubts through your own experience of meditation and teaching.

Since there is no magic pill to find enlightenment, let's start by setting a time for meditation practice each morning when we get up, and each evening before bed, dedicate five minutes to enjoy, meditate, about our day and establish a form of internal balance sheet of our actions, thoughts, etc. If fatigue prevails, sleep will come naturally, but it doesn't matter, because this moment can be a meeting space with your spirit and sometimes a precious door can open ajar.

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