The heart of meditation. Uncovering the innermost mind The Dalai Lama with Jeffrey Hopkins

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The heart of meditation seems to be the Dalai Lama's most intimate work. Because it reveals what animates the heart of his life: the most secret spirit. If the first pages require a certain effort in order to penetrate the powerful teaching that he gives us here, we then let ourselves be taken on board by this world which opens up to us, fascinated by the truths and the techniques that it shares. These pages resonate for a long time once the book is closed, because the soul has been touched. You would have to read it several times to grasp its immense significance. What is purest in us is revealed here. So we keep coming back to these words which can become guides: "If you can make all phenomena appear as the vibration of the most secret spirit, without departing from this sphere of the spirit, you will not fall any more under the influence of conventional conceptions. When you identify your own basic entity and directly establish its continuing and definitive meaning in meditative equality, then while acting in the world you will have awakened.

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