Buddhists and reality

Dear Dinh Hy Trinh,
By dint of reading and learning about Buddhism, one ends up having the impression that only Buddhists are devoid of illusion, lucid and that only they understand reality, that it requires effort and commitment without limits, which seems ultimately quite inaccessible and undesirable for the average person. So how is Buddhism going to continue to exist with such spiritual aristocracy?

Doctor Dinh Hy Trinh: Dear Sebastian,
I am sorry that what you have read and remembered about Buddhism has left you with such an impression of a feeling of superiority, of a monopoly on the understanding of reality, of a "spiritual aristocratism", "inaccessible for the average person"...

Personally, I don't have the same perception of Buddhism at all, for the simple reason that for me, Buddhism never claimed to bring understanding of the reality of the world. The truth taught by Gautama Buddha (the Four Noble Truths) is only a relative, psychological and pragmatic truth, pointing to human suffering, its causes and the path that leads to its extinction. This path is within everyone's reach, without any distinction of age, sex, ethnic origin, social origin, or predisposition of mind... Wouldn't that be the complete opposite of an aristocratic doctrine, reserved for an elite and inaccessible to the greatest number?

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