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Inventory of Ashtamangalas, the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism.

The precious umbrella

Symbol of protection from negative emotions and diseases. It also represents the enjoyment of a multitude of benefits from positive acts.

The Banner of Victory

Symbol of the victory of the Buddha's doctrine over erroneous views, it also illustrates the victory of body, speech and mind over obstacles and negativities.

The white conch

Symbol of the absence of evil, when it turns to the right, it symbolizes the true conception of the Dharma teachings.

The two golden fish

Symbols of joy and spontaneity, happiness and wealth, abundance, prosperity and fertility.

the lotus

Symbol of purity, it is the emblem of spiritual elevation. The stem represents the cycle of births and deaths. The flower, nirvana, deliverance from suffering.

wheel of law

The eight spokes represent the noble eightfold path, the teaching of the Buddha which leads to liberation.

The endless knot

Symbol of the wisdom and infinite compassions of the Buddha, it represents the interdependence of all things, the law of causes and effects.

The Vase of Abundance

Containing the nectar of immortality, it is the symbol of intellectual wealth and of the wisdom of the Buddhas which dispels ignorance.

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