The Spiritual Paths to Happiness. Make the revolution of the heart The Dalai Lama

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For the Dalai Lama, turning his life towards compassion is the greatest revolution that man can accomplish. He explains throughout this book how compassion is founding for ourselves and the world around us. Our whole existence blooms when it is turned towards the good of others. By this gift of self, this service to humanity, we get out of the cycle of suffering, because our heart opens. He insists on the interdependence of all our actions, our thoughts, our emotions. We are responsible for what we give to the world. Since nothing has its own existence, it is up to us to be a link of light installed in a tranquility that softens the vicissitudes of the world.

The Dalai Lama teaches us here to go through trials in a spirit of compassion. “When people make us suffer, we should feel gratitude towards them. Indeed, these situations give us the opportunity to test our practice of patience (…) Enemies are allies in practice. They test our inner strength to such an extent that even our master could not do it”. By this reversal towards love that the great sage practices throughout the book, we discover that each obstacle is an opportunity to rise by reaching out

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