Meditate. The happiness of being present by Fabrice Midal

- through Henry Oudin

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Sometimes a man reveals himself a little to help others lift the veils. Fabrice Midal, bestselling author on meditation, chose to show his journey through a beautiful graphic novel to show readers his way. We discover how life responds to a sincere desire. Fabrice was a different, lonely boy, burdened by a family life that lived in the shadow of the Shoah. He was looking for an emergency exit to support this passage on earth. He discovered it through meditation. He had the grace to meet real masters. He therefore shares with us the mystery of these encounters that stand in our way to reveal ourselves to ourselves.

The author reveals here how he evolves in contact with these awakeners, this world that opens up to him. Because he finally understands that there is no break between the real and the imaginary, that one can poetize life through attention and presence to all that is. If Buddhism gave him a structure, a necessary basis for the unfolding of his life, he moved away from it a little, while keeping the heart of this teaching: to be present, to connect to what is with precision and heart.

We see over the pages, a man transforming himself through meditation, the keys to which he delivers: “Be present, follow your breath. Meet his thoughts, his feelings. It is not having no more thoughts, but encountering what is happening”. We are finishing this work, we too are determined to enter into friendship with ourselves...

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Henry Oudin

Henry Oudin is a Buddhist scholar, spiritual adventurer and journalist. He is a passionate seeker of the depths of Buddhist wisdom, and travels regularly to learn more about Buddhism and spiritual cultures. By sharing his knowledge and life experiences on Buddhist News, Henry hopes to inspire others to embrace more spiritual and mindful ways of living.

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