Meditate: the power of trust

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When you meditate, you explore the different aspects of your mind, you learn to perceive them, to feel them, to experience them, to tame them, to channel them. Step by step, you work to free yourself from everything that deprives you of your inner peace and you discover the power of trust in your everyday life: trust in yourself, in others, in the existence . Your mind then becomes your greatest ally, a friend you can lean on to move forward to act in the right way. Having confidence in your potential, in your way of acting, in who you are, changes your relationship to the world and the quality of your relationships. It is the greatest power you have, and it depends only on you.

Close your eyes,
Adopt the basic position,
Breathe deeply,
Body and mind are complementary, dependent on each other. Working with one is connecting with the other, and vice versa, even when you don't realize it. Observe yourself as if you were a spectator, neutral, becoming aware of how your body “stands”. Its position affects your mind and your mind. Your posture says a lot about your emotional state.

With your eyes closed, direct your gaze to the tip of your nose. Directing your gaze in this way channels thoughts, emotions and energies.
Inhale and then exhale several times, visualizing your breath flowing from your nostrils to your belly, and vice versa.
Relaxed, you perceive under the thoughts and emotions that usually agitate you, another aspect of your mind, more spacious, brighter, clearer, more constant.
Stay like that for a few minutes.

Meditate now on the relationships you have with yourself, on your ability to let go and to trust yourself.
Think in detail about situations where you did not trust yourself:
– Do you ask why?
- What happened ?
– Guilt and regret are very powerful mental poisons. Look at yourself benevolently, kindly, compassionately.

Thus, anchored in the present moment, in connection by your seat with the Earth and with the sky, by your breath, in this state of tranquility, meditate on your qualities and on confidence. To help you, choose a character that inspires you such as Milarepa, Christ or Nelson Mandela. Think of their efforts, their courage, the discipline they followed to transform themselves internally. Their inspiring examples show that it's never too late to change when we decide to. And that we can all make that choice of trust.

“When you doubt yourself, when you don't have confidence in yourself, think of the fantastic potential of being a human being who is yours and who only asks to grow. And you will be happy to discover this treasure that resides within you. » Tenzin Gyatso, XNUMXth Dalai Lama

When you feel that you have progressed on the path of trust, then learn about your vulnerability. Trust and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin. To feel vulnerable is to accept one's fragilities and allow oneself to face, without hiding, what is most delicate in oneself: one's gentleness, one's generosity, one's limits, one's mortality. By establishing yourself in your vulnerability, you will experience yourself fully human and you will discover, within you, a strength, a stability and an infinite joy which will open, without fear, in confidence, your heart to the reality of impermanence.
Vulnerability is the door that leads to confidence in oneself, in others, in life.

To complete this exercise

Let a great compassion grow in you, vis-à-vis yourself. It will support you to face the movements and circumstances of your existence.
Everything is energy in motion. Nothing exists in itself. Nothing lasts. Everything is evolution, fluctuation, metamorphosis, transformation, mutation. Behind gross material appearances, impermanence and movement reign supreme.
The movements that pass through you are life itself. Following them in confidence, without fatalism, but out of realism, allows you to free your mind from unnecessary concerns. Which makes your mind open, joyful, creative… and confident.

“Whatever comes to you, comes to you because you attracted it.
Everything that comes to you, comes to you as a challenge and as an opportunity to progress. »
Swami Prajnanpad

Nice road.
Be calm and let others benefit

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