Message from Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche Superior of Congregation Ganden Ling

- through Sophie Solere

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In this time of a pandemic, my gratitude is immense to those who selflessly devote themselves to serving the population, at all levels of society.

Thank you to the President of the Republic, to the members of the government and parliament, to the mayors and to the security services, who are on the front line and are striving to take the best possible measures as the situation evolves. situation.
Thank you to the caregivers and hospital staff who do a remarkable job with heroism and creativity.
Thank you to all those who ensure the supply and maintain the communication networks, so necessary for life and morale.
Thank you to the cleaners and garbage collectors, who are essential actors in hygiene and public health.
Thank you to the teachers who take on a tenfold workload and provide valuable moral support to young people and families.
Thank you to the artists who put their works online free of charge, bringing joy and comfort.
Thank you to all those who do their best to respect confinement, social distancing and barrier gestures, and thus protect the health and life of others and themselves.

From the bottom of my heart, I rejoice in the dedication and good citizenship shown by so many of our fellow citizens.
I am particularly grateful to the caregivers who, despite their exhaustion, continue to work in difficult conditions, because they know that they are the hope and the help of the sick and their loved ones.

At my modest level, I want to participate in the common effort. My age, 88, forbids me to take the active and concrete part in it that I would have liked, but as a lama, as a practicing Buddhist, I pray intensely that the Coronavirus will stop as quickly as possible. havoc all over the world, including Europe, and in particular France.
I wish for the happiness, in this life and the following ones, of all those who fight the epidemic with courage and altruism!

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Sophie Solere

Sophie Solère is an economic and social journalist who has been interested for years in the environment and interdependence. She works for Buddhist News, a media platform dedicated to Buddhist spirituality and wisdom. By practicing yoga and meditative dance, Sophie discovered the power of spiritual journeys, which offer so many paths to (re)find yourself. She is dedicated to sharing inspiring stories and valuable advice on spiritual practice and the environment with Buddhist News readers.

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