Nathalie Rodary: “The only progress that makes sense is that of awareness. »

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Executive coach, speaker, occasional artist, Nathalie Rodary offers a path of transformation inspired by Buddhist philosophy. To reconnect with yourself and enlighten from within.

For the twenty-five years that she has accompanied leaders, Nathalie Rodary has refined her credo, that of “humanist leadership”. The 350 or so business leaders who have worked for his firm Assary are invited to free themselves from their ego. The coach is convinced that it is by letting go of one's mind, by connecting to one's own dimension, by deploying one's own light that one is able to make others and society as a whole grow. “There is no better elsewhere, there is better in us. There is no need to reform, there is to liberate", professes the author of New world seeks new leaders, which is defined as "a transformation agent". “To transform, she explains, is to go beyond form, which is essentially impermanent. We suffer when we take the form for the ultimate solution, instead of detaching ourselves from it to imagine something else. In our changing world, this fifties, married mother of two boys, bets that innovation will be human and not technological. Daring, but exciting as Nathalie Rodary vibrates with sincerity.

A destiny enlightened by the yardstick of suffering

Very small, she felt that she came into the world to accomplish a path of awakening. Is it a coincidence that his name means the wheel and his first name birth or rebirth? She sees in it today the sign of her vocation to gain other levels of consciousness and to share them. In her senior executive family, where you are intellectual, but not spiritual, her joie de vivre comes up against suffering, that of verbal violence, that also of the mental handicap of her second sister. Nathalie, the youngest of the three daughters, shares her room for a while and weaves very strong ties with her. “Catherine has an incredible dimension of empathy. For me, the mentally handicapped in the family, it was not her, but the others. Nevertheless, her sister's rejection revolts her and locks her up, she who no longer dares to invite her friends to the house. According to the expatriations dictated by her father's career, Nathalie, often left to herself, finds an outlet in writing where her quest for spirituality germinates. As a teenager, an older cousin, a medical student, lent him a book on the healers who operated on the borders of Asia simply by laying on their hands. It's the click. The young girl unrolls this thread until she becomes interested in Asian culture and Buddhist teachings. Without integrating a chapel, it willingly claims the Great Vehicle (or Mahayana) which offers a transformation of oneself turned towards others.

“There is no better elsewhere, there is better in us. There is not to reform, there is to liberate. »

Her business school diploma in hand, the freedwoman travels two months, backpack, in Thailand and Malaysia. A revelation. “There, I felt surprisingly at home. So much so that she is thinking of settling there. What held her back? His sister, so vulnerable and sensitive. “Our bond prevented me from detaching myself from her geographically. And then, I had the intuition of a mission to carry out, here, in France. »

Throughout his first years of salaried activity, the idea will make its way to accompany others. If she is introduced to Yi King, this Chinese art of transformation, codified in a thousand-year-old book, the coach invites self-knowledge based on the four Noble Truths of Buddhism – the existence of suffering, its causes, its remedies and the way to overcome them. "This way of awakening consciousness is inseparable from progress in general and that of management in particular", affirms the founder, seven years ago, of an APM club (association for the progress of management) dedicated to leadership. humanist. The opportunity for Nathalie Rodary to embark the fifteen business leaders of her group on a “transforming” journey. The experiment was conducted in 2017 in Myanmar (Burma) where, a year earlier, thanks to the Women's Forum, she met Aung San Suu Kyi. The Nobel Peace Prize winner has promised to give a conference to this small delegation of French leaders, who will experience many other highlights, such as meeting with monks or visiting an orphanage in Yangon. “There was a real letting go and a lot of professional changes on the way back,” enthuses the one who is also an artist. Author and performer of some fifteen songs, Nathalie Rodary loves to vibrate to music in unison – she has done several scenes at the Cirque d'Hiver and Salle Gaveau. Between Lyon, where she now resides, and Paris, she still finds the time to give lectures on the theme of “Knowing yourself, recognizing yourself”. To reconnect with our reason for being.

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Fabrice Groult is an adventurer, photographer and Buddhist who has traveled the world since a young age. After studying Buddhism in India, he embarked on an eighteen-month journey through Asia that took him to the Himalayas, where he discovered his passion for photography. Since then, he has traveled the world capturing images of Buddhist beauty and wisdom. He was a guide for ten years, and is now a journalist with Buddhist News.

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