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Press release from the Green Cliff:

The Center Zen de la Falaise Verte closely monitors information from several sources: the Union Bouddhiste de France, the national catering and hotel trade union and the National Kyûdô Committee.

Nowadays :

1. Places of worship remain open for individual meditation as well as for funeral ceremonies (limit of 20 people). The resumption of meetings would be set for the end of May and the beginning of June, but with a limited number of people (not yet defined) depending on the area of ​​the premises.

2. The date of the possible resumption of accommodation and catering activities will be set at the end of May, with the implementation of a health protocol.

3. In agreement with the French Federation of Judô on which it depends, the National Committee of Kyûdô must inform us of a date and conditions of recovery as soon as possible.

4. Outdoor sports, within the limit of 10 people and respecting barrier gestures, can resume from May 11. We are therefore still in the waiting phase for the resumption of accommodation activity at La Falaise Verte. But it seems to us that Tuesday zazen and Thursday Kyûdô could resume (see below).

Update on the calendar:

1. It seems to us that Tuesday zazen could resume on May 12, taking place on the passageway normally reserved for the yaza and with the implementation of a health protocol. People living less than 100 km from the Falaise Verte will receive a specific email. Similarly, the Dôjô of the Direct Spirit, with windows and open doors, seems to us equivalent to an outdoor practice. A specific email will be sent to members of the Kyûdô club.

2. The May zazenkai in major cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Aix les Bains, Visé) are canceled because they take place in a confined environment. As we did in April, we offer you a relocated zazenkai on Sunday May 10 at 10:00 a.m. It will consist of 3 sittings of 25 minutes spaced 5 minutes apart from Kinhin (i.e. 10:00 a.m./10:25 a.m.: zazen; 10:30 a.m./10:55 a.m.: zazen; 11:00 a.m./11:25 a.m.: zazen). The permanent staff of the Falaise Verte will of course be on their cushion in the Zendô for this zazenkai at the end of confinement and the beginning of deconfinement.

3. The June sesshin (June 11-14) remains pending. We are waiting for changes in the health situation and the administrative directions to continue the schedule of our activities and to know under what conditions they will be possible. We will of course keep you informed as soon as possible to allow the organization of registrations, if necessary.

4. The National Kyûdô Committee has informed us of the cancellation of the women's course scheduled for June 5 to 7 and the Territorial Committee Auvergne-Rhône Alpes course scheduled for June 26 to 28.

5. It also seems too early to launch registrations for this summer's sesshin and Kyûdô workshop. We will do so as soon as we are sure that they can take place and under what conditions. Transmission and handover at the Falaise Verte.

Moreover, in this exceptional context, the Falaise Verte saw an important moment in its history with the passing of the baton from Taïkan Jyoji to Taishin Sômyô.
To know more : consult the Falaise Verte newsletter

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