Engaged Buddhism: Updates from the Buddhist non-profit FHSM on social outreach programs in India

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Founder and President of FHSM, Reverend Gauthama Prabhu. Images reproduced with the kind permission of the FHSM

The socially engaged Buddhist nonprofit organization Foundation of His Sacred Majesty (FHSM) has shared new updates on its ongoing social outreach activities in India, where it runs several programs aimed at helping and empowering communities socially. marginalized and economically disadvantaged.

Coinciding with International Women's Day on Wednesday, FHSM highlighted some of its recent successes in empowering women from oppressed communities in the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu.

“Our foundation has recently trained more than 120 women from disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Tamil Nadu, women who have been direct or indirect victims of labor exploitation,” said FHSM President, Rev. Gauthama Prabu , to BDG. "Our foundation has recently been training them in eco-responsible brickmaking, which consists of teaching them to become entrepreneurs and producers of compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEB) (commonly called pressed earth blocks), which constitute a new tool key to constructing ecologically sustainable buildings.

Vocational training for women from marginalized communities

“Through programs like this, we aspire to expand our social entrepreneurship mentorship in the weeks and months ahead. Empowering marginalized communities to overcome the shackles of poverty and caste has been our overriding aspiration,” Rev. Prabu added.

Based in Chennai (formerly Madras) in Tamil Nadu, FHSM is founded and guided by the principles of Socially Engaged Buddhism, and its work has a strong focus on disadvantaged and marginalized communities. The activities of the foundation are based on four major proposals: protect and conserve ecosystems; the promotion of alternative health systems; social transformation by strengthening grassroots democracy and good governance; and sustainable livelihoods, education and social empowerment.

Reverend Prabu also shared an update on FHSM's ongoing Samyak Drushti project, which provides free eye care clinics and treatment to disadvantaged people, especially Dalit communities in Tamil Nadu and neighboring Telangana.* Other clinics are planned until 2023.

Free Eye Clinics in Chennai

“Our foundation recently successfully completed our 13th and 14th eye clinic camps, supporting over 40 beneficiaries of free cataract surgery in Chennai,” Reverend Prabu said. “The camps took place in the slums of Chennai, where we focus on the elderly and the poorest. We also provided free glasses.

Many of FHSM's outreach programs are supported by All Cargo Logistics, headquartered in Mumbai, with medical expertise provided in cooperation with organizations such as Agarwal Eye Hospital and LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.

FHSM also expressed deep appreciation for a recent delivery of donated computers, which will be put to good use in its education and training programs.

“Our foundation received 24 desktops and 12 laptops from All Cargo Logistics as a donation for our skills development and digital literacy programs in two centers in Chennai,” Reverend Prabu explained. “This will benefit many disadvantaged students, who will be able to access our digital literacy courses for free. We plan to cover 1 students this year and then help them find jobs, providing income and dignity for them and their families.

Digital literacy programs for students from disadvantaged communities

Named in commemoration of Emperor Maurya Ashoka (rc 268-c. 232 BCE), a key figure in the spread of Buddhism across Asia, His Sacred Majesty's Foundation was founded in 2007 with the mission of " preserve, promote and disseminate the principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and social justice through non-formal education, sustainable livelihoods and conservation of ecology, alternative / preventive medicine, empowerment social, social advocacy and social development in order to restore the human dignity of the poor and marginalized. (Facebook) The FHSM is affiliated with the International Network of Committed Buddhists.

“We are deeply grateful for the tireless work of our staff and volunteers, who cooperated and coordinated with FHSM to implement our outreach programs,” Reverend Prabu emphasized. “And we cannot express enough gratitude for the generous contributions of our donors – corporations, granting agencies and partnerships with hospitals, community leaders, healthcare workers, social workers and community organizers, for helping to make our efforts a reality! Your constant motivation and support plays a key role in all of our endeavours. Thank you for always being by our side, for continuing to spread your kindness! »

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For donations in India:

Account name: Foundation of His Sacred Majesty
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IFSC code: SBIN0007948

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