Drugs & attachment

Dear Venerable,
As for attachment, it is easier to detach from objects that have no real control over our brain, such as eating meat, having a nice car, etc. On the other hand, when it comes to drugs, once you are addicted, can you speak of the same attachment? It seems to me that the subject has more work to do on him, that it's a double penalty to get rid of him, what do you think? Sweet and peaceful Rinpoche New Year!

Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche: Certain forms of attachment are undoubtedly more difficult to overcome than others. Thus it is easier to weaken attachment to external objects (possessions, etc.) than to reputation or oneself. In the case of addictions, it is necessary to distinguish between what is related to attachment (which requires work on oneself) and what is related to pathology (which may require medical treatment).

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