The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring David Michie

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All living beings, whether human or not, share the same aspiration for happiness. It is our common point, the obvious mark of the link that unites us in this life.

For us human beings, this quest for happiness often takes place outside of ourselves, convinced as we are that it is necessarily to be found "somewhere", "elsewhere" where the grass is greener: in goods materials, with friends, in intensive sport or in a professional activity, even in artificial paradises.

Well, dear readers, this quest for happiness is the subject of this book. In his second opus on the chat of the Dalai Lama, David Michie does not offer us the keys, but at the very least some leads so that we can find bliss.

The kitten from the beginning grew well, he even became a parent. He continues to gain in maturity and wisdom through lessons of wisdom delivered by the Dalai Lama and the monks of the Namgyal monastery, but also during his wanderings in the city of Dharamsala, on the foothills of the Himalayas. At each encounter, an adventure and a new life lesson. Each chapter is an opportunity to smile or see your heart sink, but all contain a lesson of great depth. And that is the author's talent: managing to make us vibrate when reading his novel – initiatory, some would say – while making us reflect intensely on ourselves and our relationship with others.

In feline terms, we could summarize this work in: “How do we find the deep happiness that comes from the heart and makes us purr? ». Of all the questions we ask ourselves, this is the most important, because we are indeed all in search of “happiness”. How does intuition work, and what is the nature of our thoughts? How to open up to love and trust in life? What are the secrets that lead to greater inner peace?

“How do we find the deep happiness that comes from the heart and makes us purr? »

Learn to have control of your mind through meditation, practice letting go and be more in the present moment, do not judge, but welcome what is, realize that time is precious and that we must use it wisely every moment: these are the discoveries made by our master cat. Not to mention that our mischievous cat makes us realize that you don't have to go very far or exhaust yourself in many activities to find happiness. It is there permanently, in us, if we give ourselves the means. This achieved, a deep peace is established, which allows, if only for brief moments at the beginning, to have a glimpse of our own consciousness: radiant, limitless and imprinted with love. A self-love devoid of any narcissism, of course, but also, and perhaps above all, a love of all beings. A very nice trip

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François Leclercq is the founder of Buddhist News, a website which aims to disseminate information and practical advice on Buddhism and spirituality. François Leclercq was born and raised in Paris. He studied Buddhism at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, where he graduated in social sciences and psychology. After graduating, he devoted himself to his passion for Buddhism and traveled the world to study and learn about different practices. He notably visited Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Japan and China.

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