The Heart Sutra by Chamgön Kenting Taï Situpa – videoconference in Paris and Toulouse on September 28 and 29, 2019

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At the request of the Palpung centers and several students in Europe, Chamgön Kenting Taï Situpa agreed to give a duplex teaching.

This teaching, suitable for all, neophytes and experienced practitioners, will focus on the heart sutra : a teaching on emptiness and on the harmony between relative and ultimate truth.

It will be broadcast live in seventeen cities, in Africa and Europe, including France, in Paris and Toulouse:
– in Paris (Malakoff) at Espace CASACO, 6 avenue Jean Jaurès, 92240 Malakoff
– in Toulouse, at the Dojo de la Roseraie 4 Chemin de Nicol 31200 Toulouse

To register, send an email specifying the number of people, surnames, first names, email address to: [email protected] ou [email protected]

Your registration will be confirmed to you by return email (for Paris, the room can only accommodate 60 people, registrations will be closed as soon as the quota is reached).

More information on the official website of Palpung Sangyeling:

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