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Press release from the Green Cliff:


The summer 2020 Kyûdô sesshin and workshops will take place!

In addition to the June sesshin moved to the end of the month, we were also able to add a sesshin and maintain a second Kyûdô workshop open to everyone in August. The cost share does not change.

Here are the measures that will be taken to both comply with government directives, limit the risk of contamination as much as possible and allow us to practice with complete peace of mind:

– limitation of the number of registrants to 18 people
– immediate refund in case of last minute cancellation for health reasons
– single rooms
– respect for social distancing and barrier gestures at all times
– communication doors kept open
– organization in microgroups of 2 people who will share a sink and a toilet exclusively
– use of the showers by only one microgroup at a time, daily disinfection by a permanent Center staff
– contactless table service of shared utensils and with regulatory spacing per microgroup
– total separation between the spaces of the permanent and the practitioners (housing, kitchen, toilets)
– adaptation of the daily schedule to respect the new rhythm of life imposed by the pandemic
– impossibility of early arrival or late departure

You can pre-register by contacting La Falaise Verte directly:

A precise health protocol to be read and accepted will be sent to pre-registered persons before final confirmation of their registration and payment of the contribution to full board accommodation costs.

In case of overcrowding, we will be forced to limit the number of people. This will be done in the order of the following criteria:
– prior registration for sesshin and courses that have been canceled or moved
– participation in recent courses or sesshin
– up-to-date subscription
– registration order

We will be delighted to welcome you again and to be able to practice together at the Falaise Verte.
In this complicated period, getting involved again in your breathing is all the more essential.

In addition, even if health measures are a constraint, they are also an opportunity to focus on practice, to develop our attention to others and to daily gestures.

We hope to see you very soon,

The Green Cliff team

Sesshin summer 2020:

directed by Taishin Sômyô

June sesshin (modified dates)
Arrival: Thursday, June 25
Departure: Sunday June 28
Pre-registration: before June 14
Registration: before June 17, 2020

July Sesshin
Arrival: Saturday July 18
Departure: Saturday July 25
Pre-registration: before July 1
Registration: before July 8

August Sesshin
Arrival: Saturday August 15
Departure: Wednesday August 19
Pre-registration: before August 1
Registration: before August 8

Kyûdô course summer 2020:

directed by Taïkan Jyoji

July workshop (modified dates)
Arrival: Friday July 3
Departure: Thursday July 9
Pre-registration: before June 18
Registration: before June 24

August course (modified dates)
Arrival: Friday, August 7
Departure: Thursday August 13
Pre-registration: before July 19
Registration: before July 29

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