Can we deprive animals of the right to live?

- through Sophie Solere

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Advocate for a just and caring world towards animals.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote in his notebooks: "The time will come when people like me will consider the killing of an animal as they consider today the assassination of a man”. This is not to deny that there are differences in intelligence between animals and human beings and that, from a relative point of view, the life of a human being is more valuable than the life of a human being. 'an animal. But why should the right to live be the prerogative of humans?

All living beings yearn for happiness and try to escape suffering. So to claim the right to kill billions of animals year-round (ten billion are killed each year in the United States alone for human consumption) is simply to exercise the right of the most strong. Until a few centuries ago, the trade in “ebony” – slaves from Black Africa – was considered acceptable. Nowadays, slavery persists in many countries, notably in India, Pakistan and Sudan, where children are sold for work in factories or in the fields, and young girls for prostitution. But in general, slavery is considered an abomination.

What do people, peoples, do when they are exploited or oppressed? They organize themselves, unionize, revolt… The animals are incapable of this and are therefore exterminated. It deserves to be reconsidered.

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Sophie Solere

Sophie Solère is an economic and social journalist who has been interested for years in the environment and interdependence. She works for Buddhist News, a media platform dedicated to Buddhist spirituality and wisdom. By practicing yoga and meditative dance, Sophie discovered the power of spiritual journeys, which offer so many paths to (re)find yourself. She is dedicated to sharing inspiring stories and valuable advice on spiritual practice and the environment with Buddhist News readers.

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